Documented: opted for a kiko-inspired cut... cos u no da deal!

I've always been that girl who constantly changes her hair; going from short to medium to short to medium to long to permed and now... [drum roll please] I've gone short! (again.) Truth be told, my hair had been permed for almost 2 years and was in need of a drastic change. Not to mention, it was both brittle and home to many split ends. Thank god for short hair cause now I get to spend that extra time in the shower belting out to The Script!


WINTER (not-so-break) BREAK

Despite being cooped up at home studying for my upcoming trials, I did manage duck out for a day and enjoy the breezy Winter with good company.


Kiko Mizuhara x Grimes on Nylon Japan's 9th Anniversary Issue 2013

I've been mildly obsessed with Kiko ever since I was introduced to her through a friend almost a year ago [and by mildly, I mean heavily.] and have been in love with her personal style ever since. She has very regal and elegant features and a chic yet edgy haircut, sheer and utter perfection.