Over the holidays, I decided to cash out a little on clothing items as a means of rewarding myself after sitting through midterms. Needless to say, I rewarded myself for nothing. I did shit.



One Teaspoon Boyfriend Jeans, ASOS Ankle Boots, Daniel Wellington Watch, Zara Skort, Topshop Herringbone Coat

Cue Aladin, Fairy Godmother and every other nonexistent fictional character. I've been sticking to sweaters and jeans recently especially with this season being full of rain and precipitation. The weather has been such an emotional wreck lately, barely any sightings of the sun making it's rounds. Here are just a couple items I've been drawn to recently. Unfortunately for me, most of the items on my list are either a) Expensive, b) Expensive in shipping rates c) All of the above or d) Sold out.



Documented: hotel room, myeongdong, cute old couple selling street food, cheonggyecheon river, namsan tower

[Reminiscing] Last Spring break I graced Korea with my presence. All the pandemonium and madness really took me by surprise, each nook and cranny was filled with people; coffee shops had a mellow and refreshing vibe, music blasted hurting ear drums. I hope that these couple of photos can capturing the heart of the city.